Marketing Strategy: How To Rise Above The Competition

OCTOBER 18: 1:30PM-5:30PM

Marketing leaders are called upon to create marketing strategies that help their businesses rise above the competition. But developing a strategy that’s successful—that goes beyond what’s hot today and can sustain through the good and bad—requires a new level of big picture thinking and planning.

Join us for this half-day workshop where you’ll discover how to develop a higher level of thinking, how to analyze trends and threats (both internally and externally), and how to use that information within three frameworks to help identify solutions to your biggest marketing problems. You’ll develop the skills to hone in on your competition so you can predict their next move, react quickly, and rise above. 


  • Apply high-level thinking to further enhance your marketing strategy
  • Use market trends and competitive threats as a gauge to analyze the market around their company
  • Chart data using tried-and-trusted frameworks
  • Determine your competitor’s next move with competitor analysis
  • Establish an understanding of your existing partnerships and how to leverage them for long-term growth


This workshop is most appropriate for experienced marketers and those transitioning into management roles. If your current role (or the one you aspire to) requires you to think about big-picture business objectives and competitive dynamics, not just day-to-day campaign management, then this workshop is perfect for you.

PRESENTER: Allen Weiss—CEO, MarketingProfs