2 Awesome Sessions from #MPB2B 2015

If you joined us at B2B Marketing Forum last year, you’ll probably be excited for a refresher on these two info-packed sessions (unless you missed them—then, BONUS). If you weren’t in Boston with us last year, hold on to your keyboard. You’re about to get some serious knowledge dropped on you.

Both Michael and Kristen will be speaking on new topics at B2B Marketing Forum 2016. In fact, we have 55+ (totally new) sessions in store for you (check out the program). So if you enjoy these, make sure to get your pass today, which will get you access to 55+ sessions (live), 5 keynotes, and plenty of shenanigans [bonus: you can still get the Early Bird rate). 

How to Build Your Content Marketing Strategy

Join Michael Brenner as he walks through how the content marketing landscape is shaping up. He hits on some advanced tactics you can implement right away to help you connect with your audience and stand out from the crowd. 

Video for Lead Generation

Do you want to create videos that generate and engage more leads? Of course you do! In this fast-paced session, we'll cover everything from design tips to the best practices of video production on a budget (with limited equipment and experience).