Breakfast Roundtables

Breakfast Roundtables

Wednesday 8:00am-8:45am | B2B Underground

Have You Outgrown YouTube?

Sponsored by Brightcove
Speaker: Dan Flynn, Manager, Sales Development, Brightcove

Using Intent Data to Drive Acquisition

Sponsored by Infogroup
Speaker: Jeff Adee, SVP & General Manager, B2B Media Solutions, Infogroup

How Thoughtfulness Can Become Your Company's Competitive Advantage

Sponsored by Bond
Speaker: Matt White, Director of Sales, Bond

Generating B2B Leads from Search Engines

Sponsored by Directive Consultiing
Speakers: Garret Mehrguth, CEO, Directive Consulting  
Brady Cramm, VP of Strategy, Directive Consulting

5 Steps to Actionable B2B Feedback

Sponsored by Inquisium (Cvent)
Speaker: Meg Stensrud, Director of Sales, Inquisium

Why a Brand That's Not Authentic Is a Brand That Misses the Mark

Sponsored by JK Design
Speaker: Martha Marchesi, COO/CSO, JK Design

Getting a Seat at the Table: Turning Content Marketers into Strategic Partners

Sponsored by Curata
Speaker: Erica Ayotte, Director of Customer Strategy, Curata