Opening Keynote: Wednesday, Oct 4

Everyone’s an Artist (or At Least They Should Be)

Speaker: Ron Tite

It's been said that these days, everyone is an artist. Everyone’s a painter. Everyone’s a comedian. Everyone’s a fashion designer. Everyone’s a chef.

Until they get to work.

Monday morning rolls around and the corporate herds put their game faces on and trudge off to do the same things, with the same tools, and the same people. For real inspiration, they read case studies of other businesses in their own category.

But, to truly make a difference, truly innovate, truly be creative, and truly compete in the new economy, your team shouldn’t be learning from other business people. They should be learning from artists.

Artists are driven by something greater.
Artists show initiative.
Artists care about their work.
Artists challenge themselves.

In this humorous and insightful presentation, Ron Tite will highlight what successful artists do, which organizations have implemented their thinking, and what individuals can do to be more artistic on a daily basis.

Put down the pen. Pick up a paintbrush.