Using Big Data and a Free BI Tool to Break Down Your Marketing Silos

Wednesday 4:45pm-5:30pm

Using Big Data and a Free BI Tool to Break Down Your Marketing Silos

Wil Reynolds | Founder & Director of Strategy | Seer Interactive
Jessie Beck | SEO and Content Strategist

Will has been taking a “Big Data” approach to client work, taking cross divisional data to glean insights and make educated, strategic decisions that were previously impossible with traditional platforms. He’ll show you how bringing together silo'd data sets with tools like Power BI, a free BI tool from Microsoft, you’ll not only be able to find opportunities through data, but also present strategy rooted in revenue.

Jessie, former website marketing specialist at Asana, will provide you with an in-house perspective. She’ll illustrate how to set your agency up for success to work across divisions and navigate around roadblocks.

Together, they’ll share what they learned from working together, and give you the information you need to get buy-in from company stakeholders.

At the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Find pockets of opportunity in Search using cross-divisional data

  • Create a symbiotic relationship between agency account teams and a company’s internal team, in which both provide the resources the other needs to get the job done correctly and efficiently

  • Present information in a way to prioritize your needs and gain internal buy-in from company stakeholders

Attendee Experience Level: This session will be of value for those experienced in the topic, but haven not gotten to advanced concepts, and for those who are advanced but not yet experts.