F#ck Content Marketing — Focus on the Content Experience

Wednesday 4:45pm-5:15pm

F#ck Content Marketing — Focus on the Content Experience

Speaker: Randy Frisch | Author of F#ck Content Marketing | Keynote Speaker | CMO and Co-Founder at Uberflip

I don’t really mean f#ck content marketing, but I do have a problem with what it’s understood as today.

Content marketing has become synonymous with content creation. What’s the problem with that? In many organizations, as much as 70 percent of their content goes underutilized at best, and entirely unused at worst. Content is created, the manager hits publish, and then…nothing. Little effort is made to get that content in front of their target audience, and the organization ends up leaving countless opportunities on the table.

Enter the content experience.

In this session, Randy will present an actionable framework for persuading prospects through the power of personalized content experiences for your top B2B marketing strategies: demand generation, account-based marketing, and sales enablement.

Find out why content experience partnered with content marketing is the answer to driving content ROI you’ve been looking for.

At the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Discover a 5-step framework that offers a concise way for marketers to create, manage, and optimize personalized content experiences at scale

  • Learn how content fuels personalization and how to approach developing and organizing it across all marketing strategies

  • Find out how to deliver truly relevant content to prospects and customers across different channels, formats, and touchpoints

Attendee Experience Level: This session is for marketers who are experienced to advanced level in the topic, but don’t yet consider themselves experts.