Marketing Leaders: Be a Revenue Change Agent at Your Company

Thursday 9:45am-10:15am

Marketing Leaders: Be a Revenue Change Agent at Your Company

Speaker: John Common | CEO | Intelligent Demand

Most companies are still working to connect their go-to-market strategy to an effective demand program that targets the right customers, integrates channels and tactics, and brings revenue stakeholders into real alignment around revenue growth. These same companies need the right people to step up and show them a better way to drive growth.

This session will give you the key principles and pragmatic advice you need to become a revenue change agent. The kind of revenue change agent that your company needs — but probably doesn’t know how to ask for yet.

At the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Identify what a revenue change agent is and what a successful one looks like

  • Turn your company’s revenue goal from an impossible bummer into a transformational crowbar

  • Use your go-to-market strategy as a powerful force for cross-functional alignment, clear prioritization, and budgeting clarity

  • Connect your go-to-market priorities to a winning demand strategy

  • Accelerate your team’s revenue impact with the right integrated revenue play

  • Start small with the big advice John gives you (and set yourself up for a promotion in the process)

Attendee Experience Level: This session is for experienced marketing professionals who are tired of watching their company miss their revenue number, and want to change that.