So You Think You Can MarTech

Wednesday 3:30pm-4:15pm

So You Think You Can MarTech

Speaker: Berrak Sarikaya | Integrated Marketing Strategist | Yesler

Type “marketing technology” into your preferred search engine and you will find that there are approximately 7,000 tools. MIND BLOWING! So it’s understandable that us marketers often feel overwhelmed by it all.

Yes, technology is an essential part of marketing today — content marketing is no exception. But, as a smart marketer, you know it’s not just about selecting the fanciest new tools with every bell and whistle. Your martech needs to align with your strategy and your current business processes, as well as your business goals. So how do you wade through the thousands of options to find those tools for your business?

Join us for this session!

In less than an hour, you’ll learn how to evaluate and select the right technology for your organization’s needs and then create a business case to get the budget dollars you need.

Yep, you can totally MarTech!

At the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Know which questions to ask before evaluating martech options

  • Determine whether a tool will fit into your current environment and processes

  • Include the right information in your business case to get budget for the technology

Attendee Experience Level: This session is for those that have a basic idea of the topic, but very little experience implementing and for for those who are experienced in the topic, but have not gotten to advanced concepts.