Build to Last: How to Move Your Marketing and Career with an Idea

“Build to Last.” Don’t we all wish all our campaigns were? But no, we’re marketers -- continually optimizing and changing. “Build to last” doesn’t just mean planning and projecting for what might happen; it’s surveying the landscape to decide how you want to create impact. Marketers thrive when they spread ideas. And yes, that requires time, attention, and dedication.

The USS Constitution, or “Old Ironsides” is a glowing example of “build to last.” At 219 years old, Old Ironsides is the world’s oldest commissioned warship afloat. Though made of oak, the ship sustained heavy cannon fire at close range in the War of 1812 and legend spread. Undefeatable. Impenetrable. Invincible. An important ego-boost for a young nation. George Washington commissioned the ship (build and docked in Boston navy yards) to give us a real navy to protect our investments but the idea became so much more-- the resiliency of a young upstart nation. That revolutionary spirit has become baked into our belief system transforming to, “We will prevail against all odds.” It’s an idea that has spread, both internally and externally to give our nation buoyancy. Surely, the original storyteller couldn’t anticipate the USS Constitution's historical significance, but that’s the great thing about ideas- they touch the minds and hearts of people you will never meet.

Also build to last, and in Boston? Brightcove. Our founding mission in 2005 was to make video as ubiquitous as text on the web. We wanted to help ideas take shape, spread, catch fire. Technology has enabled us as marketers to push our campaigns to new heights, but we must look to achieve our goals with authentic video conversations. With this, not only can ideas take shape, they build resonance as your audiences build on them with you.

Building your career to last as a marketer means anticipating the skills and proficiencies you need not just five, but ten years from now. What idea can you carry and spread to build your career to last? Imagine your title ten years from now. How about in twenty? Are you doing what’s necessary now to align these skills with trends in media consumption?

Last week, I put on a virtual reality headset at a conference and was blown away. Even now, the capabilities of 360 video are amazing. As a content marketer, I craft conversational emails and work with demandgen to plot nurture paths. Ten years from now, however, I may be writing scripts for VR videos or augmented reality characters tasked with interacting on behalf of the brand. I will still need to anticipate need, further the conversation, and build in logic. And while the method changes, the idea stays the same. My idea? To humanize digital marketing interactions using technology in a thoughtful way. I’ve communicated this throughout companies and roles. That’s my “build to last” and it’s served me well, what’s yours? 

Shannon K. Murphy | Senior Content Manager, Digital Marketing | Brightcove