Lunch & Learns: Wednesday Oct 19

12:00pm- 12:45pm | Marina Ballroom I

Leveraging Social Video: Reach, Results, and Revenue

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Video has fast become one of the most effective forms of social media content, and for good reason – there is no digital format better able to capture the immediacy, intimacy, and authenticity of human social interaction. With the explosion of social channels, many marketers don’t know how to get started and get the most out of their social video campaigns. Linda Crowe, vice president of digital marketing solutions at Brightcove, will get you through the starting gate and well on your way to winning with social video!

 You will learn:

  • Social video best practices for real business results throughout the customer journey
  • Best practices for blended video distribution: your owned properties and social sites
  • Tactical tips and tricks to get moving and gain quick momentum with your social video strategy


Linda Crowe, VP, Digital Marketing Solutions | Brightcove
Linda Crowe is the VP of Marketing for Digital Marketing at Brightcove, where she leads the overall marketing strategy and execution for the business unit. Linda’s work revolves around creating and transforming marketing programs that drive leads and increase revenue. Prior to joining Brightcove, Linda held leadership positions at Oracle and Sun Microsystems where she led a number of highly successful digital marketing initiatives. 

12:00pm- 12:45pm | Marina Ballroom II

Account-Based Marketing in Real Life: How to Create New Efficiencies in Your Funnel (and Budget)

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With 67% of the B2B buying cycle now occurring digitally and a large percent of buyer decision-making occurring BEFORE a sales rep is ever involved, marketers have a huge opportunity. They have an opportunity to do away with high volume, spray-and-pray marketing strategies in favor of engaging the high-value target accounts their sales team cares about with Account-Based marketing. In this session, Lisa Ames, VP of demand generation at Demandbase, will present a case study in executing ABM across the funnel.

You will learn:

  • How to engage target accounts throughout the buyer’s journey, even while they’re anonymous
  • How to boost conversion rates while reducing marketing spend in every channel
  • How to adjust your metrics and KPIs to tie marketing efforts to business outcomes


Lisa Ames, VP, Demand Generation | Demandbase
Lisa is a strategic B2B marketer with a consistent record of helping enterprise SaaS companies build pipeline, generate revenue, and achieve market growth quickly. At Demandbase, Lisa leads a team of innovative marketers with responsibility for marketing programs, marketing automation, customer marketing, events, and corporate marketing. She and her team apply an ABM lens to everything they do and tie their efforts directly to revenue. Prior to Demandbase, she oversaw demand generation, marketing ops, and field marketing at Castlight Health where she built all three of these functions from the ground up. 


12:00pm- 12:45pm | Marina Ballroom III

Successful Habits of Highly Effective Marketers: Building a Sustainable Data Management Strategy

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Whether you are responsible for demand generation, digital advertising, marketing operations, or all of the above, the importance of great data cannot be overstated. A thoughtful data management strategy can be a catalyst to support both long and short-term initiatives across your marketing mix.

Join us to hear how PTC, LionBridge, and WEX designed and implemented data strategies to drive better segmentation, predictive modeling, and demand generation programs within their marketing organization. These are your data masters – beating their data demons and helping to unlock growth opportunities across their go-to-market channels.

You'll discover how you too can prioritize data initiatives and deliver quick wins to your team.

You will learn:

  • Sustainable, scalable processes to ensure data management success
  • Data alignment strategies to support performance analytics
  • Segmentation and personalization tactics to improve campaign metrics
  • Strategies for how to tackle your own database problems


Derek Slayton, VP, Marketing | Dun & Bradstreet
Derek is a B2B marketer and a product guy with over 20 years of experience in technology sales and marketing. Former CMO of NetProspex, current VP of Marketing at Dun & Bradstreet. He is responsible for aligning the company’s product roadmap with its go-to-market engine, and creates relationships with B2B marketers who want to improve their revenue drivers through more targeted and continuously managed marketing data.

Thomas Zimmerman, Manager, Global Lead Development | Lionbridge Technologies
Thomas is the manager of global lead development at Lionbridge Technologies. He created and implemented Lionbridge’s global lead management framework and buyer journey personalization model. Previously, he was a marketing analyst in Argentina’s and Canada’s banking sectors, and manager of global sales and marketing for a commodities importer. He strives to build and grow global commercial initiatives in various organizations worldwide.

Audrey Gagne, Team Lead, Direct Marketing | WEX Inc.
Audrey is the team leader for direct marketing at WEX Inc. Audrey has spent her career in marketing and focuses on B2B acquisition through direct mail, e-mail and telemarketing channels.

Pat Slavin, Manager of Marketing Technology Operations | PTC
Pat is the manager of marketing technology operations for PTC. Pat has spent his career helping B2B software companies build and optimize their marketing tech stacks and customer databases to deliver best-in-class digital experiences.

12:00pm- 12:45pm | Marina Ballroom IV

How Content-Enabled Campaigns are Improving Conversion Rates

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Campaigns fueled by compelling content are not only driving better basic metrics like open and clickthrough rates, they are also proving to be more cost-efficient in converting and accelerating the flow of qualified leads. In this session you’ll discover how to create campaigns that convert!

You will learn:

  • How your peers are driving engagement and conversion results
  • How to utilize conversational content
  • How you can leverage content in your campaigns to achieve better results


Aaron Dun, SVP Marketing | SnapApp
Aaron drives marketing and strategy for SnapApp. He has nearly 20 years of experience running marketing programs for high growth venture-funded companies and larger publicly traded global organizations. In addition to building highly visible technology brands, he has focused on connecting marketing performance to sales achievement through the use of innovative content marketing, inbound marketing, and social media strategies. Prior to SnapApp, Aaron served as the CMO for Intronis before it was acquired by Barracuda Networks.