Marketers’ Off-The-Clock Antics

Great conference experiences aren't just about the classroom. What makes a conference something more—what makes a lasting impression—are the moments. Moments that are built on relationships, on heart and soul, on quirky creativity, and extending inspiration beyond the session room walls.

Here's what a list of an events we had in 2019 to give you an idea of what you can expect in 2020:

Welcome Home Reception | Pose Rooftop Lounge

Because meeting up with our favorite marketers feels like coming home to us, we want you to feel the same. Join us on Tuesday evening as we kick off our 13th annual MarketingProfs B2B Forum with a Welcome Home reception. This will be the perfect chance to get settled in, nosh on some light apps, partake in libations, start building (or meet up with) your squad, and get pumped for the learning and inspiration to come. 

B2B Block Party

After your first full day of learning, head on down to the B2B Neighborhood because we’re throwing a good, old-fashioned block party! That’s right, mingle with your neighborhood friends in the garden while noshing on block party staples such as watermelon and sliders. And what’s a block party without lawn games? Luckily you still have plenty of time left to practice your ladder golf and cornhole throwing skills!


Festival season isn’t over yet! Throw on your vintage rock & roll t-shirt, and maybe a little fringe, and join us for the B2B marketing festival of the year. There will be music. There will be corndogs and donut holes. There will be beer. Wander around the grounds getting to know your fellow festival-goers then chill out in a teepee or Adirondack chair and listen to the sweet tunes.

B2B After Dark | Bobby McKeys

The regular conference sessions have adjourned. Your head is swimming with excitement as you prepare to take all the smarts you’ve learned to make what once seemed impossible, possible. But before you set out to conquer the world, join us for a close-out bash, complete with cocktails, all your B2B friends, and dueling pianos!

6th Annual #mpb2b Photo Walk With Steve Garfield: National Harbor Edition

Want to get outside and breathe some fresh air? Interested in learning more about National Harbor and its surroundings? Enjoy taking photos? Well then, you won’t miss this #mpb2b favorite! Join video pioneer, book author, and angel investor Steve Garfield on an early afternoon photo walk through beautiful National Harbor.

Mindfulness With MarketingProfs CEO Allen Weiss

The documented benefits of mindfulness training include improving workplace effectiveness, promoting happiness, reducing stress, and aiding creativity.  Leadership abilities are also enhanced by increasing emotional intelligence and improving the ability to master emotions, which leads to more productive collaborations and effective leadership.

Join Allen Weiss, CEO and founder of MarketingProfs, to discover first hand the life-altering effects of mindfulness training. You’ll learn what what mindfulness is and you’ll have an opportunity to practice various types of mindfulness meditation, preparing you mentally and physically for the conference ahead. 

Speed Networking

Are you coming to B2B Marketing Forum solo? Do you want to meet new people you haven’t met before? Are you looking for new partners, clients, or hires? Do you want to connect with a friendly face at the beginning of the conference? If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions, this 45-minute speed networking is for you! 

At this fun, casual event, you’ll meet marketing peers — for 3 minutes at a time. Say hello, tell your story, learn about someone new, exchange business cards or Twitter handles, and then move to your next marketing match.  RSVP required.

Breaking the B2B Ice

Are you traveling solo or are you a newbie to MarketingProfs B2B Forum? A little anxious, and maybe even slightly nervous about going it alone? Then you won't want to miss this casual get-together. Join MarketingProfs chief content officer, Ann Handley, and the #mpb2b events team in a smaller, more intimate setting for a kick-off cocktail and conversation. You’ll be able to connect with other solo travelers and newbies. Come and make a friend!

Breakfast Roundtables (Speaker Led)

Grab a cup of jo, pick your topic, and enjoy conversation with an industry expert and your peers.

Fun Run

Does the thought of running along the Potomac get you pumped? Great. Lace up your running shoes and join your new marketing besties (and fellow running enthusiasts) for a fun morning run to get you energized for another day of learning. 

Yoga With Marketers

Downward dog, warrior one, child’s pose. You don’t have to give up your practice just because you’re on the road. Wake up early and join your fellow yogi marketers for a half hour of stretching and yoga. 

Morning Marketers’ Stroll

More awesome learning awaits, but not before you get OUTSIDE. That’s right — stretch your legs, breathe in the crisp fall air, and converse with your new B2B besties on a morning walk along the shimmering Potomac River.