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With B2B On-Demand, you're not limited by technology. View each session anytime, anywhere, from your favorite device. When you register for our online event experience, you can watch online recordings of this year’s most-popular concurrent sessions in your office, on your couch, or on the go. In fact, you can even gather your team in a conference room and cover your most-pressing topics as a group.

This year's online sessions include:

*Please note lineup is subject to change and some sessions may be listed under multiple topics. On-demand does NOT include keynotes, workshops, or sponsor lunch & learns.

  1. A New Content Marketing Approach: Marketing as a Profit Center
  2. Advanced Analytics and Optimization: How Writers Can Use Data to Research and Rank
  3. Are You a Marketer or a Mind-Reader? How to Know What Your B2B Buyer is Really Thinking
  4. Case Study: How Iron Mountain Built Audience, Cultivated Trust, and Kicked Ass Through Content Strategy and Brand Storytelling (audio only)
  5. Content Marketing in the Machine Age: Tools and Techniques to Make Your Content More Automated and Intelligent
  6. Content Marketing Strategy for Any Size Budget
  7. Creative Writing: Lessons from the Comedy Writers Room
  8. Different Is Easy, Better Is Harder: Marketing Innovation Done Right
  9. From Blast to Personalization: The B2B Marketer's Guide to Building Email Programs That Deliver Results
  10. From Modern Marketer to CMO to CEO
  11. Get Scrappy B2B! Tips and Tricks from the Digital Trenches
  12. Hacking & Stacking: A B2B Marketer's Guide to Navigating Marketing Technology
  13. How Leading Brands are Unlocking their Hidden Potential with Conversion Optimization
  14. How to Be Insanely Effective When You Don’t Have Enough Resources, Budget, or Time: Lessons from the Trenches
  15. How to Build a World-Class B2B Thought Leadership and Corporate Evangelism Program
  16. How to Build an Owned Media Empire for Top of Funnel B2B Content Domination
  17. How to Get Started with Demand Generation
  18. How to Scale B2B Content Marketing to Drive Downstream Revenues
  19. Is Your Marketing Strategy Ready to Do It All?
  20. Kickstart Your Influencer Marketing Like a Pro: What SAP Gained by Scaling Influencer Relationships (audio only)
  21. Once Upon a Time: Enchanting Secrets of Creative and Compelling Storytelling
  22. Retain, Grow, and Activate: The Power of Lifecycle Marketing
  23. Sexy Hot B2B Influencer Activation: The Art and Science of Romancing B2B Industry Influencers to Collaborate, Co-Create, and Advocate Content Using Leading Influencer Marketing Tools
  24. Smarter Content Distribution: Three Ways to Systematically Rise Above the Noise
  25. Starting a Marketing Agency: If I Were To Do It All Over Again, I Would ...
  26. Sticky Branding: How to Create a First Choice Advantage
  27. Stories, Schmories: The Steps You Need to Take to Develop the Kind of Content that Fuels Buyer-Centric Demand Generation (audio only)
  28. Teach Me How! 10 Reasons NOT To Start An Employee Advocacy Program
  29. Teach Me How! Advanced Advertising Tactics for the Changing, Evolving World of Facebook
  30. Teach Me How! Big Love: How to Pick the Perfect Co-Marketing and Technology Partners to Grow Your Marketing Programs
  31. Teach Me How! Building Endurance: An Introduction to Agile Marketing
  32. Teach Me How! How Online Chat Might Just Be Your Most Effective Inbound Lead Gen Tool
  33. Teach Me How! Using Snapchat for Social Selling in B2B (Yes, Really!)
  34. Teach Me How! Inbox Optimization: How to Send Effective Emails that Meet Subscriber Needs
  35. Teach Me How! Increase the Impact and Virality of Your Marketing with Animated Video
  36. Teach Me How! Not One and Done: How to Turn a Single Marketing Asset into Content that Keeps on Giving … and Giving … and Giving (audio only)
  37. Teach Me How! Producing B2B Video Marketing on a Shoestring
  38. Teach Me How! The Art of the High-Converting Lead Gen Landing Page (audio only)
  39. Teach Me How! Using Social Media to Generate Actual Sales, Not Just High-Fives
  40. The Broken Promise of Digital: Making The Customer the Center of What We Do
  41. The Conversion Equations
  42. The Future of Sales and Marketing: How to Eliminate Silos and Get Incredible Results
  43. The Killer Demo Video: How to Create a Memorable Product Demo in B2B Marketing
  44. The New Business Imperative: 7 Groundbreaking Movements All Brands Need to Embrace
  45. The State of Content Marketing Software (audio only)
  46. Tune in, Turn on, Stand out: Strategic Speaking for Modern Marketers
  47. Zero Pseudo-Science: A Research-Backed Path to Winning a Fatter Pipeline



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