#MPB2B 2019 Press Passes

MarketingProfs offers a limited number of complimentary press passes for MarketingProfs B2B Forum to editors, reporters, writers, or broadcasters from established media outlets, as well as freelance journalists focused on business, marketing industry, and/or B2B marketing coverage. Please read the guidelines below closely and complete the form on this page if you meet all criteria.

Selection Process

In order to request a press pass, please fill out our short form at the bottom of this page. This will put you into the consideration queue.

Rather than evaluating requests on a rolling basis as some other events do, we collect them over time so that we can evaluate and select lucky press pass recipients from all applications. In addition to submitting your request on time, you must meet the qualifications outlined below to be considered.

You’ll be notified within fourteen days if we select you for a press pass with registration instructions.


So you think you’re qualified for a press pass? We’ll see about that:

  • You must cover business trends, the marketing industry, and/or B2B marketing on a regular basis by writing, publishing, and/or broadcasting relevant content that is not solicited by an exhibiting company, is available to the general public, and is not confidential.

  • You must be a member of the editorial staff at a media outlet, a freelance journalist with at least two published bylines within the past six months, or an industry analyst who writes freely distributed reports. Bloggers are also welcome, but must show proof of at least 10K unique monthly readers. Sorry, marketers, brand communicators, and other business professionals are not eligible for press passes.

  •  If you attended MarketingProfs B2B Forum on a press pass in the past five years, we’ll look more favorably on your application if you reported on the event at that time. Also, if you received a press pass in the past and cancelled your attendance—you are not eligible for complimentary passes in 2019. Sorry, but it’s only fair that we give passes to people who we’re confident will show up.

Do you meet these qualifications? Great! Complete the submission form on this page before the deadline for consideration.


To make this process officially official (and make selecting the right people at least a little easier), we’ve come up with few defined rules. Here we go:

  • In order to be considered, you must submit your materials no later than 6pm ET on September 15, 2019. Really. We begin evaluations the next business day and if you’re late it throws us off our game. Lesson: don’t be a slacker.

  • If you are chosen for a press pass you’ll receive a code to register yourself for free admission to the three-day conference only. It can only be used by you and cannot be transferred to a friend or other person in your organization. We ask that you register within two weeks of receiving your comp code (we like to keep our head count reports accurate). Also, keep in mind that press passes do not include workshops or reimbursement for travel or lodging.

  • If you do receive a press pass, your registration acknowledges that your name, addresses, publication, and other details will be shared with event sponsors prior to the event so that they may pitch interviews or demonstrations. As a member of the media, this undoubtedly comes as no surprise.

  • Sorry, but filming and/or broadcasting our keynote presentations is not allowed—even by members of the press. For real. It’s just something those speakers have asked of us (contracts are pesky things like that).

  • We expect all press pass holders to comply with applicable disclosure regulations regarding your free admission. We’re not lawyers, so we can’t give you any specific advice about which laws apply to you and how to fulfill your obligations. But trust us: it’s the right thing to do.

  • When you publish or broadcast stories about the MarketingProfs B2B Forum, we’d like to have a copy for our records. (Don’t worry, we’re not asking for control of your work—we have mad respect for your editorial autonomy. We’re just interested in checking out what you’ve scooped. We are content nerds, after all.) Please email us links to your coverage or mention @mprofsevents and #mpb2b in tweet with the link.

  • Please do not lift the MarketingProfs or MarketingProfs B2B Forum logos, photographs, or branded graphics from our websites for use in your stories. Instead, please contact us and we’ll get exactly what you need in the right file size and format (and with any details on permissible use from our photographers) for your use.


Press Pass Request Form

Name *
If you are a freelance journalist, please list the publications, blogs, or media outlets for which you've contributed editorial content in the past six months.
Phone *
Address *
At any time during the past five years did you receive a press pass for #mpb2b? *

We receive many more requests for press passes each year than we can accommodate. If you are not granted a press pass, you’ll still be able to register at the price you would have paid at the time you submitted your press pass request.

Did We Miss Anything?

We hope that what we’ve shared here helps explain what we’re looking for from our press pass applicants and answers common questions that we get. If not, please let us know! We’re always looking for ways to improve our communication.