Thursday Opening Keynote: John Maeda

 The Creative Leadership Challenge

From a chance encounter with Ann Handley in an airport somewhere, I purchased and read her book, “Everyone Writes.” I was especially interested in it because it reminded me of Pixar's “Ratatouille” and its refrain of, “Everyone can cook.” As the movie goes, we all know that everyone *cannot* cook, but having an especially talented rodent hidden inside your hat can make all the difference.

The point of this talk is to speak to the talented rodent who is inside our hat, or inside our heart, doing her/ his best to craft a career as a creative leader with a new set of skills. Or maybe we are the rodent her(him)self?

My talk will knit together bits of thinking I have found along the way as a practicing designer, educator, executive, author, and a beginner venture capitalist.

John Maeda