Friday 8:45AM - 9:45AM

The New Business Imperative: 7 Groundbreaking Movements All Brands Need To Embrace

Speaker: Mitch Joel, President  Mirum

Still worried about websites over mobile applications? Still struggling with content marketing and social media? There’s something happening—here and now—that moves way beyond this.

Are you ready for messaging bots, live video, augmented/virtual reality, marketing automation, the uncoupling of the “buy” button, consumer’s voice as navigation, and the blockchain? If not, you need to be. Join us for this future-looking session where we’ll explore these seven technological movements and what they mean for your business today, tomorrow, and beyond. What may feel like science fiction, is now the new business imperative.

At the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Know how to link new trends to what your brand needs today
  • Understand how brands are making newer technology work for them
  • See the consumer from a different perspective