Wednesday 10:45AM - 11:45M

Insanely Cheap Viral Content Promotion with Facebook & Twitter Ads

Speaker: Larry Kim, Founder & CTO  WordStream, Inc.

The content marketing landscape is becoming increasingly noisy. And even when people engage with your content, it's likely that fewer than 1% of those clicks convert to a lead or sale. But there’s hope.

In this session, you’ll learn repeatable, ridiculously-smart tactics for generating millions of pageviews, shares, leads, and sales from your content. Even better, you’ll learn how to do all of this with micro budgets of $50 or less using the latest Facebook and Twitter Ad targeting features. Get ready to see how the social media ad platform algorithms really work, including how they decide which ads to show, and how much to charge you. Armed with this understanding, you’ll be able to generate qualified clicks for less than one penny, and wield this power to make content go viral in an easy, repeatable way. You'll also discover how to use the latest social ad formats and targeting features to increase the completed sales and leads conversion rate by as much as 10 times, using tiny social ad budgets.

At the end of this session you will be able to:  

  • Create highly effective Facebook and Twitter ad campaigns
  • Use remarketing to convert blog views into leads and sales
  • Get content to go viral on Reddit, Linkedin Pulse, Medium, and Hacker News