Wednesday Opening Keynote: Andrew Davis

Momentum: How Smart Businesses Spin Extraordinary Success From Ordinary Marketing

You create awesome marketing. You’re telling a great story. You have a well-oiled production machine, and an amazing team. But you’re getting less traction with your programs. So what gives? 

It turns out that the smartest marketers in the world know that amazing creative and content is table stakes. And the secret to their success comes from predicting and promoting and strategically distributing…not praying.  

In this action-packed, hilarious, and engaging keynote session, best-selling author Andrew Davis will reveal the formula you need to replicate their success. And he’ll show you how to create the necessary momentum that guarantees stellar performance down the road.

You'll learn how paid, owned, and earned media converge to transform posts into press as well as how to use the Waterfall Effect to drive the attention of the media. Most importantly, you'll walk away knowing how to use the audience you have today to create successful momentum to carry you into tomorrow. Plus, you'll have fun learning it. Who's in?

Andrew Davis