THURSDAY 3:15PM - 4:15PM

Teach Me How! Inbox Optimization: How to Send Effective Emails that Meet Subscriber Needs

Speakers: Justine Jordan, Vice President of Marketing Litmus
Chad White, Research Director — Litmus

Consumers opt-out and report emails as spam for a wide range of reasons, only one of which is a lack of permission. That’s because while permission is needed to be welcome in the inbox, sending functional emails with relevant content is needed to stay welcome.

In this session, we'll share new research into consumer email behavior and tips to stay in subscribers’ good graces.  You'll discover how you can use email to deliver personal, 1-to-1, contextually relevant, and even (gasp!) fun messages that delight your subscribers and encourage engagement. From device-a-palooza and preview text to tables and triggers, we'lll break down the subscriber experience so you (and your audience) get the most from your next campaign.

At the end of this session you'll be able to:

  • Identify how consumers define spam and why they unsubscribe
  • Create more compelling envelope content—optimizing your from name, subject line, and preview text
  • Optimize your email for the most popular inboxes and apps for your audience
  • Tap into inspirational examples from forward-thinking B2B campaigns using interactive elements and gamification in email