Friday 8:45AM - 9:45AM

Sticky Branding: How to Create a First Choice Advantage

Speaker: Jeremy Miller, Brand Builder  Sticky Branding

Do customers choose your brand first?

This question is the essence of branding. Branding isn’t about logos, taglines, or colors. Branding is about the bond you form with your customers—a bond where they choose you first. This is what separates average companies from Sticky Brands.

But here’s the challenge: the marketing strategies and tactics that worked well as recently as 2013 aren’t as effective now. Your customers are inundated with content, marketing messages, and noise. You've got to adapt your marketing to stand out.

In this interactive session, you'll learn how to transform your marketing to create a first choice advantage and build your brand to last.

At the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Grow your brand in a rapidly changing marketplace
  • Spot active buyers you can convert to sales
  • Build relationships with customers so they choose your brand first