How to Future-Proof Your Career and Not Be Replaced by AI and Machines

Friday 9:30am-10:15am

How to Future-Proof Your Career and Not Be Replaced by AI and Machines

Speaker: Loren McDonald | Marketing Evangelist | IBM Watson Marketing

You’ve heard the hype: AI will enable more strategic insights, increase personalization, deliver better customer experiences, and correct inefficient processes. But you’ve also heard the fears: AI will take over many marketing roles, rendering many of us unnecessary.

So what’s the truth? Does AI give us marketers superpowers? Or does it zap our strength?

Come to this fun session by IBM’s Loren McDonald to hear straight talk about how you can both evolve and future-proof your own career, to ensure that you have a marketing job you love for years to come.

We’ll define what AI and machine learning actually means for marketing, in simple terms, and understand how these technologies actually work. We’ll also look at AI and machine learning examples from marketing and beyond in the real world.

At the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Understand which existing marketing roles will be most affected... or possibly disappear

  • Understand how marketing will be fundamentally driven by your ability to capture, manage, and integrate data — and the steps to take to improve your data prowess

  • Know which new skills and processes marketers need to thrive in the next few years

  • How to create a “center-brain” thinking mindset among your team and new hires. What’s that mean? You’ll learn that, too!

This talk is ideal for the marketer who wants to understand how to leverage AI and machine learning technologies to open new future career path opportunities.