The Blockchain Trust Tango: A Constant Curiosity Game Show

Thursday 1:30pm-2:15pm

The Blockchain Trust Tango: A Constant Curiosity Game Show

Speaker: Jon Burkhart | Founder | TBC Global

Fancy a post-lunch interactive romp through blockchain’s highs, lows, and need-to-knows?

Lost you at blockchain, right?

“Blockchain’s just like the tango,” dance-mad speaker Jon argues. “At first, it may seem wild and untamed. Give it a chance and you’ll realize it’s based on trust, and who doesn’t need more of that right now?”

36 industries are tangoing with this hyped tech behind Bitcoin. So who’s being wooed the most? Let’s mine the magic out of this hot mess. Maybe we’ll even play a little game together.

What’s REAL? What’s HYPE? Truth, lies, and a global Excel spreadsheet. Part investigative journalist, part hyper-active storyteller, Jon will show you what happens when this sexy DLT (distributed ledger tech) takes the power away from the middle-man and shakes things up for the better.

At the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Spot blockchain solutions that are legit and doable in 2019 and the ones that are pipe dreams

  • Identify the 5 most important sectors that will be transformed by blockchain in 2019

  • Determine and test the best blockchain solution for your sector

Suggested Attendee Level: This is for anyone related to the creation and distribution of content -- agency or brand side. Any level. Creative. Strategic. Account folk. CEO. CMO.