From Back Room to Board Room

Friday 10:45am-11:30am

From Back Room to Board Room: Why Every Business Should Rethink the Role of Marketing Ops

Speaker: Linlin Li | VP, Marketing Operations & Strategic Projects | Centrify Corporation
Yun Fan | Senior Manager, Marketing Analytics & Data Science (MADS) | Centrify Corporation

The advancement of MarTech,  and characteristics of today's marketing ops professionals, have enabled Marketing Ops (MOPS) teams to have a new arena to influence the organization’s top-line growth and bottom-line foundation for scale and efficiency.

In this session, marketing ops leader and practitioner, Linlin, will share how her team added transformative value to fuel 10X growth at FireEye through their IPO & post IPO hyper-growth phase, and how she is unleashing the power of data science and innovation to change the game at Centrify. With these case studies, she will also illustrate why building a data science practice is core to modern marketing operations. 

At the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Implement steps and milestones to build a best-in-class MOPS team in high growth companies

  • Change the perception from MOPs as backroom execution to MOPS as a change catalyst, driving growth strategy

  • Avoid mistakes and learn best practices from lessons learned by others

  • Create a bold vision for the future of your marketing operations

  • Build a data science practice: Where to start, what projects to tackle, and in which priority order

Suggested Attendee Level: Operational leaders and practitioners in B2B organizations