*GOLDEN TICKET* Press The Damn Button: The Digital Mindset Shift Required to Stand-Out and Change the World!

Thursday 12:15pm-1:00pm

*GOLDEN TICKET* Press The Damn Button: The Digital Mindset Shift Required to Stand-Out and Change the World!

(for All-Access passholders only)

Speaker: Brian Fanzo | Founder and CEO | iSocialFanz

Telling your story and creating content via video is key to both your personal and business goals in 2018 and beyond. The problem is that video can be both scary and unnatural for all of us… especially in B2B marketing.

So let’s fix that. Because the choice for us as marketers is no longer about online vs. offline. Instead today, we need to learn how to embrace a hyper-connected world that requires on-demand access to people, places, and experiences. (And we need to understand what we mean by “experiences,” too.) Today we need to shift from being simply marketers who create content to becoming producers of a kind of reality series — and what that might look like in the business world.

In this special Golden Ticket session, Brian will walk you through the importance of being “relatable” and visible online. Whether you seek to improve your blog, launch a podcast, go live on Facebook live, or create an episodic video series for YouTube… those of us in B2B must shift our mindset, create a strategy, and — most importantly — PRESS THE DAMN BUTTON!

You’ll walk away inspired and motivated with an understanding of:

  • The massive opportunity for B2B brands.

  • The importance of sharing your digital WHY with the world.

  • Acceptance that perfection is a fairytale and control is an illusion.

  • What “transparency” actually means in B2B: It doesn't guarantee trust and authenticity, but when leveraged strategically it is the key to growing a community and being relatable.

  • Why your vulnerabilities and limitations are not weaknesses; they are your strongest assets for connecting and fostering digital relationships

  • To create a memorable digital storytelling strategy you must first create content where you’re most comfortable, with an eye toward understanding and accessing the platforms where your customers and community are engaging.

  • Nobody will tell you that you’re helping too much, you care too much, or that your story resonated with them too much.

Your story reaches NOBODY till you PRESS THE DAMN BUTTON! Let’s have some fun!