Marketing Measurement for ALL of Your Audiences

Friday 8:30am-9:15am

Marketing Measurement for ALL of Your Audiences

Speaker: Tish Millsap | CEO and Senior Strategist | Revenate Marketing

Every marketer is expected to report on campaign results these days. But, there are so many numbers available it can be mind boggling. How do you leverage all of the data available to you and deliver the right metrics to each of your audiences?

Having helped many organization develop a solid metrics and platform, Tish will walk you through how to leverage the data available to you for everyone — from your creative team to your CMO to your CEO — and even the Board of Directors.

At the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Assign appropriate reports for each audience within your organization

  • Understand what the different tools/options are for reporting

  • Select and implement the appropriate tools for your organization based on your marketing team maturity

  • Identify various types of revenue attribution models and understand when each is appropriate

This session is for: Anyone who is using a database to do marketing activities: emails, events, etc.