Turn Your Content Culture Into an Idea-Driven Startup

Thursday 1:30pm-2:15pm

Turn Your Content Culture Into an Idea-Driven Startup

Speaker: Kathy Klotz-Guest | CEO | Keeping it Human

We’re all creative. And every culture (and team) can foster more creativity by thinking like an agile, collaborative, idea-driven start-up. Imagine these innovations, for example: a mobile video cooking show featuring biker chefs and go-pro cameras, a ride-sharing service for pets campaign, and an 'employee marketing' video featuring successful fitness tips! These ideas were generated with a 'yes and' approach!

What is that, you wonder? The 'yes and' approach is often used in improvisational comedy and business to improve collaboration and brainstorming. A participant should accept what another participant has stated ("yes") and then expand on that line of thinking ("and").

This session will include a few interactive exercises to illustrate how these improv principles can unleash more of your team's mojo.

At the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Ignite new ideas with your team for more than just content (services, products as well)

  • Understand what language encourages people to open-up vs shut-down (this works in your personal life, too!)

  • Deepen trust in your content team and culture (people over process)

Suggested Attendee: This session is intended for people who have some experience with content marketing and coming up with ideas. The people who will benefit most are people who manage/work with content marketing teams.