The Innovation Factory

Thursday 11:15am-12:00pm

The Innovation Factory

Speaker: Carla Johnson | Speaker, Author and Storyteller | Type A Communications

We’re between a rock and a hard place. Our bosses demand better ideas and more of them, but we’re never given the time, budget, or resources to deliver. But now, we don’t have to choose between doing great work and getting work done.

In this session, you’ll learn what the most innovative teams in the world already understand: great ideas don’t come from divine inspiration, but from refining what we already know through a repeatable, scalable five-step process. 

At the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Clearly understand how to use what great brands are doing as inspiration for your own work

  • Use five simple steps to fast-track great ideas into killer execution

  • Tap inspiration anytime, anywhere to deliver exponential outcomes for your brand

Suggested Attendee Level: Marketing leaders who want their teams to deliver stand-out work that’s rooted in reality yet successfully pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with new ideas.