Turn Marketing Data Into a DataStory™

Keynote — Turn Marketing Data Into a DataStory™Closing

Friday 12:00pm-12:45pm

Speaker: Nancy Duarte

Data is everywhere today. How could you have known even a decade ago that it would ooze into almost every marketing function? You have now added “crunching the numbers” to your resume when you thought you signed up to be a marketer.

Yet, if you overlay a story lens on data, lovely narratives arise out of it. Story frameworks help suss out the emotion already in your data and humanizes it, which helps push internal initiatives along and bonds customers to your brand.  

Based on research from thousands of data slides across multiple global brands, Nancy will uncover how the best brands frame, display, and amplify their data through DataStory.

You'll learn how to:

  • Find the narrative in data

  • Apply parts of speech to data

  • Tell the story of the humans within the data

  • Humanize data without people in it

  • Frame marketing insights into the form a story