Buyer-Centric Demand Generation 101

Buyer-Centric Demand Generation 101:  Demand Generation in the Age of the Sophisticated Buyer

October 18 | 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

More than 75% of B2B executives state that providing a better customer experience (CX) is a top business priority in 2018. A key part of delivering on CX is ensuring a good buying experience for prospects. This requires demand generation that puts your buyer at the center of your strategy.

However, many B2B organizations are struggling because they don't have marketers with the knowledge and skills to develop and implement strategic demand generation programs. But, you can be that strategic marketer and become indispensable to your brand.

Join us for full-day intensive workshop to learn how to develop and implement buyer-centric, strategic demand generation programs that attract new buyers, nurture them along their buying path, turn them into brand advocates, and --best of all-- produce revenue-based results.

This workshop is for marketers who are ready to move past tactic led demand generation and improve their results to drive business outcomes.  If you are looking to advance your career and improve your demand generation skills, this workshop is a must! You'll learn how to develop buyer insights, improve your lead management process, use technology effectively, and create buyer-centric content.

At the end of this workshop, you'll be able to:

  • Develop buyer profiles that provide insight into the buyers role, their journey, and their content and channel preferences

  • Build a content architecture that aligns to the buyers journey

  • Collaborate and align with sales to ensure demand generation success

  • Align your demand generation programs with other customer touch points to provide an exceptional customer experience

This workshop will involve breakout sessions for attendees to apply what they are learning real time. Each attendee will also receive a workbook of templates that will reinforce the learning and will be used during the breakout sessions.  These templates will be a big step forward to applying the learning when you return to your organization. 


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