Engineering Stories: How to Market Technology to Humans

Wednesday 2:15pm-3:00pm

Engineering Stories: How to Market Technology to Humans

Speaker: David Baeumler | Associate Creative Director, Red Hat Films

Telling a complicated story to a highly specific audience is hard. The tendency is to highlight technical benefits and features, speeds, and feeds that may be critical for the audience to know, but don’t make for memorable human connections. So how do you create better marketing that will resonate with your audience? Back away from the tech specs and focus on the timeless elements of storytelling.

In this session, you’ll learn how to identify stories that will resonate with your audience. You’ll learn how to evaluate those stories to ensure they will meet strategic goals. And you’ll get breakdowns of how world leading companies, like IBM, have connected with very distinct and technical audiences through storytelling. Join us to make your strategic and creative story resonate with a very distinct and technical audience.

At the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Implement best practices and exercises to find unique and powerful stories
  • Evaluate stories to ensure they meet strategic goals
  • Creatively and strategically tell stories to highly specific audiences