Video is Changing Everything: How to Ride the Wave

Wednesday 4:30pm-5:15pm

Video is Changing Everything: How to Ride the Wave

Speakers: Jason Hsiao | Co-founder/Cheif Video Officer, Animoto
Brian Peters |  Digital Marketing Strategist, Buffer

Video has completely changed the way we communicate and do business. But keeping up with the ever-evolving video landscape can be a challenge. But don't fret — we're here to help!

Join us for this action-packed session where you'll learn everything you need to know about what's relevant today and where to best focus your video efforts and resources. Whether you're just getting started with video marketing or looking for ways to take your game to the next level, you'll walk away with a playbook full of fresh insights, ideas, and actionable tactics you can put into practice right now.

At the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Plan a video marketing strategy based on current, market-tested best practices
  • Make effective marketing videos and understand how and where to use them
  • Boost key metrics by using video to amplify content, social, and brand marketing initiatives