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Your fortune has been foretold…now what?

Your MarketingProfs fortune card is more than meets the eye. And your curious nature has you seeking answers!

The card you chose that best represents you as a marketer directly relates to the reasons our community has told us they most cherish their MarketingProfs PRO membership.

Community. Quick answers. Easy experiences. Inspiration. Meaningful engagement.

And your card brings with it a special offer to join the MarketingProfs PRO community for an entire year.

Match your card to your offer below. Discounts are good through October 31, 2023 so grab yours now!

Your balanced judgement, curious nature, and independent thought tell us you’d be drawn to special events that challenge your ideas on a new topic and encourage you to spend time learning all about it and how you can apply it to your work going forward.

Our recent AI for Content Creators and upcoming AI for Digital Marketers events are a perfect example. Our PRO members attend numerous exclusive events every year.

Use code TEMPERANCE for 20% off a full year of PRO (or off your PRO renewal)!


Your perseverance, creativity, and capabilities for growth tell us you’d be drawn to specialized courses that help you grow your knowledge quickly in incremental lessons.

Our Master Classes are a perfect fit. Our PRO members get access to exclusive master classes on branding, communications, CX, demand generation, strategy, and analytics.

Use code STRENGTH for 20% off a full year of PRO (or off your PRO renewal)!


Your belief in and commitment to relationships–with others and with yourself–tell us you’d be drawn to a growing community of like-minded marketers.

Our community group and engagement are a fit for you. Our PRO members get exclusive access to a member-only Slack community where they can share ideas and experiences, plus the ability to connect across all PRO-exclusive events and goings-on.

Use code LOVERS for 20% off a full year of PRO (or off your PRO renewal)!


Your ability to quickly and easily see how things connect tell us you’d be drawn to sessions where you can roll up your sleeves and dig into a project you can make focused progress on.

Our Working Webinars are a perfect fit with your abilities. Our PRO members get exclusive access to a series of virtual workshops (multiple topics per year) that guide you through tackling a specific, achievable project amongst fellow community members, led by industry experts.

Use code WORLD for 20% off a full year of PRO (or off your PRO renewal)!


Your need to tinker and find solutions to whatever is in front of you tell us you’d be drawn to direct answers to your challenges that can keep you moving and growing.

Our Ask an Expert consultations fit your drive. Our PRO members get exclusive access to 20-minute consultations directly with specialized experts to get questions quickly answered or to seek advice.

Use code WHEEL for 20% off a full year of PRO (or off your PRO renewal)!


Your positive outlook and dedication to your craft and your future tell us you’d be drawn to fresh, new events that challenge you to see your efforts differently that you have a direct hand in ideating.

Our ever expanding experiences fit your spirit. Our PRO members are the heart of every new idea we have, even providing direct input into new experiences we bring to life. Your optimism and insights make you a great fit to help develop your community.

Use code SUN for 20% off a full year of PRO (or off your PRO renewal)!


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