MarketingProfs B2B Forum 2021

MarketingProfs B2B Forum 2021


How To Create The Ultimate Ambassador Program to Build Brand Visibility, Presented by Agorapulse

A staggering 90% of respondents to a recent marketing survey indicated that they believe influencer marketing to be effective. And yet, according to a CMO Council report, only 33% of C-level business leaders report having a formal strategy in place. In this session, you’ll learn from Agorapulse’s head of strategic partnerships how to identify and […]

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Keynote: The Surprising Role of Creativity in B2B, sponsored by Knak

We’re watching it happen. Automation is running rampant. Creativity is being outsourced to agencies. AI is lurking around the corner. B2B Marketers are being pushed and prodded to conform with scoring & forms & templates & workflows. A gazillion tools and platforms exist to help us better connect with buyers–and more are on the way. […]

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Marketing Business Acceleration: From Theory to Practice, Presented by UpTempo

To successfully run and accelerate the business of B2B marketing, marketing leaders need to first take a look at their planning and strategy: the backbone of marketing performance success. Oftentimes, plans are living in tools that are disconnected from the rest of the martech stack. This leads to limited visibility into spending and performance. How […]

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Making Marketing More Personal, Not Personalized, Presented by Printfection

It’s been a wild couple of years riding the in-person to virtual to in-person rollercoaster. Your customers and prospects are real humans going through the same wild ride, and they are craving connection! Now more than ever, B2B marketers need to design a strategy to connect meaningfully with humans behind the screens. Join this session […]

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Who is Your Customer? Capturing (and Maintaining) the Data Points That Matter, Presented by Validity

As B2B marketers, we have a high standard for personalization and data-driven campaigns. But with thousands (even millions) of new data points flowing into your database every day, the potential for “bad data” to de-rail your marketing efforts, muddy your reports, and cloud your view of your ideal customer profile (ICP) has never been higher. […]

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TikToks, Shorts, Explainers, Oh My! B2B Video Strategies for 2023, Presented by Vidyard

The use of video by B2B marketing teams is exploding. From educational content for websites and inbound marketing to TikToks, YouTube Shorts, and other forms of social video, the opportunities are endless. But where should you focus your efforts for the biggest bang? Which channels drive meaningful engagement from B2B audiences? Can B2B brands really [...] Read More

Opening Keynote: Taking the Numb Out of Numbers

Every marketing campaign is driven by data, but how can we marshal the complex facts and figures of raw data into messaging that is compelling, relatable, and persuasive? To data journalist Mona Chalabi, data is a language like any other, and translating it effectively requires attention to both clarity and beauty. As the Guardian’s data […]

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The Road to B2B Growth is NOT Paved in MQLs… It’s Built with Brand! Presented by BlueOcean

As pressure on marketing ROI increases, the B2B marketing discipline has found itself in the vice grip of the MQL.  Marketers are overly focused on optimizing short-term goals, when in reality the key to long-term B2B growth is building a strong brand.   When you focus on building a strong brand, you not only achieve needed [...] Read More

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