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How to Become a Trusted Voice in the Sustainability Conversation [#mpb2b Speaker Series]

As the Senior Content Solutions Evangelist at LinkedIn, Purna Virji has her finger on the pulse of customer trends.

She’s seen first-hand how brand messaging connects with audiences and she joined us on the #mpb2b 2022 virtual stage to show us how to make our sustainability messages stand tall.

You can also catch this snippet (below) from her presentation here: Authenticity, Logic, Empathy: How to Become a Trusted Voice in the Sustainability Conversation.

Purna Virji's #MPB2B Spring 22 presentation











Sustainability is a huge key to earning your audience’s trust. It is top of mind for your audience and a compelling business opportunity for you. 

The 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer Report showed that for the second year in a role, businesses emerged as the most trusted kind of organizations.

And 75% of Americans want to hear more from companies about what they’re doing to help solve the climate crisis.

If we look at the talent branding point of view, according to the International Labor Organization, the green economy is estimated to create 24 million jobs worldwide by 2030. What this means is that each of you here today can play a huge role in growing the trust with your audiences.

The key is, when planning your content around sustainability, you want to focus on this incredible concept from Harvard Business Review called the Trust Triangle.

Trust Triangle, Purna Virji's #MPB2B Spring '22 presentation

The Trust Triangle breaks down the key elements that tie into trust as Authenticity, Logic, and Empathy.

You have Authenticity. So you start with the Why, to help you find these authentic stories to tell. 

You want to look at Logic to align your brand and leadership voices and encourage meaningful dialogue. 

And then you want to use Empathy-led storytelling to educate and empower your audiences throughout their journey. 

Turn to the Trust Triangle to help you find your voice with more and more consumers. Taking this active interest in environmental sustainability provides marketers with new and exciting opportunities to hold meaningful connections, to build positive interactions, to build trust and joy and connection with our audiences, and tell stories with purpose.

Authentically with Empathy, putting the customers at the heart of our efforts is what will help our organizations not just stand out, become more trusted and more successful. 

–Purna Virji


Published January 13,2023

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