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What B2B Marketers Can Learn from a Swiftie: Create, Connect, Call-back Like Taylor Swift with Ahava Leibtag [Part 2]

Ready for more marketing lessons from T-Swift?

Ahava Leibtag gets into it below in this second entry from her popular presentation, Break Through the Noise: B2B Like Rockstar Taylor Swift.

Break Through the Noise: B2B Like Rockstar Taylor Swift, Part 2:

This is Andy Crestodina, everybody’s favorite guy. Woo woo!

Andy is as obsessed with SEO as I am with Taylor Swift, but I think he probably chose a more lucrative obsession than I did.

Andy’s a data man, right? He’s always into the data, he’s crunching the numbers, he’s watching the trends.

(I have this feeling that there’s a big screen following Andy around, showing him the traffic on his blog.)

So Andy was noticing that certain blogs were losing traffic and he was like, “I’m going to figure out why this is happening!”

SEO changes constantly, so Andy went in and he took his own [SEO] advice and said, “I’m not going to rewrite all of the blogs, but I am going to add new information…

I’m gonna put in bonus material, I’m gonna add video, maybe I’m gonna add some visuals…

I’m gonna add links to other blogs where I’ve talked about this kind of thing before, but that I hadn’t written about before these.”

And in doing so, Andy shows us this really lovely case study of how he was able to increase the number of words from 885 to 3000… which is HUGE.

But look at the jump in time spent on page.

You see three minutes and 22 seconds to five minutes and 31 seconds. So that reinforces the fact that people are using that information.

Andy went in and he rewrote.

So how do you rewrite like a Swifty?

The first thing you can do is revisit your old content and refresh and repurpose, [like Taylor’s Version of her albums].

The second thing that you can do is remember your different types of learners [your different audiences].

Some people are readers, some people are listeners, some people like to watch videos. It just depends. And so when you have a piece of content that’s doing well in one format or the other, let’s say it’s a blog and it’s starting to get some traction, maybe think about creating a short explainer video or doing something like a short graphic type of slideshow on Instagram.

Those are the ways that you can sort of say, “Hey, we have really great information. If this isn’t the way you wanna consume it, we’re giving you a different way to consume it.”

And then the last thing you wanna do is feature people to add value to your brand [like Taylor’s guest artists on her new recordings].

And it doesn’t have to be capital “I” influencers. You don’t have to create this huge influencer campaign. Just think about reaching out to people and saying,

“Hey, want to guest post?

Hey, want to talk about this?

Hey, want to co-brand something together?”

–Ahava Leibtag


You can watch Part 2 of Ahava’s presentation here:

Ahava presented “Break Through the Noise: B2B Like Rockstar Taylor Swift” at B2B Forum in 2022.

You’ll find Part 1 of that presentation on the #mpb2b blog here.

Published 2/6/23

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