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Powerful Secrets for Creating Addictive Website Copy for Every Single Industry by Liz Murphy

Copywriters love to write. But how do you keep your readers engaged?

Liz Murphy demonstrates with a story she told at B2B Forum in 2022… a story everyone can relate to… but with a lesson copywriters often forget when writing.

Watch Liz share her lesson, or read the transcript below.


Let’s go ahead and get started in talking about the first step to creating great website copy…

And that’s admitting that we have a very big problem!

We don’t think about our copy correctly. We don’t think about how we show up online correctly.

Now, to illustrate what I’m talking about, I want to take you back in time. A long, long time ago and a galaxy far, far away. Actually… on Newberry Street in Boston. 

I went out with a guy. And on paper he seemed perfect. “What’s wrong with you?” He had a job, had his  own place, could do his own laundry. Mm-hmm… “Is there a doll collection? Do you have a collection of axes I’m unaware of? What’s going on?” But I thought to myself, “well, he is hot and I should give people a chance. And he’s hot and he does do his own laundry and calls his mom… and he is hot.”

So off I went in my finest Old Navy apparel, convinced that I was the only one who could screw this up.  

I decided, “okay, I only have a few goals, right? Don’t set anything on fire.”

So I show up to this date. Good, good, good news! Didn’t set anything on fire. Didn’t injure myself or him…

But I really wanted to… because I found out within maybe 30 seconds what his problem was: he did not stop talking about himself. I learned so much about middle school, high school, and collegiate lacrosse.

And I  don’t care how hot you are: I don’t care!

So guys, here’s where we have to admit we have a  problem. This might be you! See, we’re laughing, but let’s take this analogy a little further probably than it was ever intended to go.

Because I’ve realized something recently. I’ve realized that  there is a lot of synergy, if you will, between the brands I don’t wanna give my money to, and the men who will never get a second date from me. 

Let’s just walk through it, shall we? Okay, so Liz’s second date—or “you ain’t getting my money”—checklist.

Number one: you’re coming on too strong. All right?

Number two: you are obsessed with yourself. You just never stop talking about how great you are.

Turnoff number three: you’re clearly hiding something.

And number four: you’re not willing to compromise.  You won’t meet your buyers where they are. You insist that they come to you. You insist on making them go through your processes, on your terms, on your timeline with little-to-no regard for what they want.

And I will tell you, as an only child, I respect that! I like being right and doing things my way more than breathing.

But it doesn’t work when you’re dating somebody, right?

Compromise. You kind of need it.

And considering in B2B, relationships are everything, right?

Relationships are not only how we get that first sale. It’s how we continue to keep them. You have to be  willing to compromise in those relationships. Meet people where they are. There’s only one thing you  need to understand.

And this is why the conversation we’re having about copywriting secrets starts with  this. Cuz if you don’t have this mindset, nothing else I tell you today will matter. And I’m gonna do it in  one sentence.

Here it is. Are you ready?

Your buyers only want one thing: “Please make it easy for  me to trust you and buy from you.” Period.

Published 5/24/23

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