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10 Creative Content Ideas You’ll Want to Try Today, by Lee Odden

Some days you’re a content machine!

But other days you might struggle to come up with content ideas, or feel like you’re not the best source of specific information.

That’s why Lee Odden (CEO and co-founder of TopRank Marketing) suggests partnering with influential people to co-create and co-promote content.

Lee shares his ideas and favorite tools to find the topics your customers are looking for, and how to find the right influencer to work with, in the video and transcript below.


This is about using other people’s content.

They may be influential. I’d recommend that they be influential, that there’s some credibility about them.

The first thing you do is you find topics that customers actually care about. You might use a tool like SEMrush, which has a keyword research tool built into it.

What are people actually looking for? What are they typing into that search box that’s relevant for my business and what I think might be relevant for my customers? Find out what those topics are. Go get it from your search team.

And then go to another tool like StoryBase and figure out what questions are people actually asking about those topics. Are they asking like, what is it? (That’s super high funnel, right?) Or are they asking what’s the best vendor for this? Or, how do I implement this? Or, what obstacles are there? How do I get buy-in? How do I get budget? Or whatever. Just find out what questions people are asking about those topics.

Now, identify industry experts on those topics. You might use another tool. There’s several out there. A lot of ’em are consumer oriented. Trackers an example. Buzz Sumo and so forth. Analytica.

And then—once you identify those people that are experts around those same topics that people are searching on—now you can partner with those experts to answer the questions with you, or for you..

And create a content experience when you do that.

Don’t just create a blog post. Don’t just create an ebook. Remember, boring to boring (B2B). Writing status quo content isn’t gonna do it.

Try to create something that’s experiential if you can, right?

Audio. Video. Interactive. Or even animated.

Not only does that help your end consumer enjoy the content not only does it make people want to share it socially, but it makes the people who helped you make it inspired to make it successful.

And then invite those experts to share those stories where buyers are influenced!

By the way, Ceros is a great platform for creating interactive experiences.

And SparkToro has a great tool to find out where people are paying attention around certain topics. What podcasts are most relevant for CRM software? What earned media or publications? What social media accounts (and so forth) are most relevant for those topics you’re trying to be the best answer for, right?

Published 8/16/23

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