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Shifting a Traditional Marketer Mindset in the Time of AI with Cathy McPhillips

Podcasters, video marketers, and content creators, listen up!

AI tools are everywhere, and they’re simplifying your workflow.

In this clip from B2B Forum, Cathy McPhillips from the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute shares the tools and methods she uses to produce and edit podcast episodes, create blog posts about the episode topics, and more.

To speed up your own content creation with AI, watch Cathy’s presentation or read the transcript below.

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AI is everywhere.

AI is in things that we’re doing every single day.

Here’s a few of my favorite things.

On the far left is Netflix, and I’m very glad that my habits during Covid are now off of my recommender engine because for a while, Tiger King kept showing up. I mean, we go there all the time because we blow through shows and we’re like, “what can we watch now?” And so apparently I like teen dramas.

Spotify. I’m in Spotify every single day. I love music. I love finding new music. I love listening to my old favorites. And I love the Daily mixes. So I’m in there every single day using my daily mixes.

And then Goodreads. I am a new empty nester and I’m in three book clubs, which is a little overzealous of me, but I love it… except when I have to pick the books. So I go to Goodreads and it helps me figure out books based on my ratings, based on the books I’ve read, and all the things that I like to do.

So I use a lot of these things in my personal life, and I’m sure all of you are too. And same thing with LinkedIn, Facebook, and all the things you’re doing in your day-to-day life—for work and for yourself—[all] have some AI component baked in at this point of our lives.

(Who in the room is using AI in some capacity in your job today? Awesome.)

The way we like to think about it is, if you have a use case that’s data driven…

Or if it’s repetitive, something you do every single week, and I’m sure there are some things we are doing every single week because we have to as it’s part of our job.

Or, is it trying to make a prediction?

And—I would add one more that I did not add to this slide because [I] turned this in a few weeks ago—is it generative?

So, “generative,” meaning, are you trying to generate? Can you generate content with it?

Two ways to get started: problem-based model, and a use case model.

A problem-based model would be something like, “sales are down.” Something very, very broad. 

How can we pinpoint a tool that can use AI to help us with that?

The way that I like to use it—just getting started in the past few years on this—is the use case model. Identifying a task or a project where AI can help.

How can you save time? How can you save money? How can you save resources?

And in my instance, where I’m going to show you in a little bit, is how I can fill a knowledge gap. 

So my biggest use cases right now are our podcasts, which I’m going to go into greater depth on that.

Social media.

Coming up with new blog ideas.

Building our marketing strategy, which I’ve been amazed by how many of these tools can help us right now with our marketing strategy.

Repurposing content.

And email marketing, which I talked about a little bit ago.

I’m going to start with the podcast and finish with the podcast.

So we have a podcast called the Marketing AI Show that runs every week. 

It came out in January of 2021, and we had about 10 episodes.

The team… we would always interview somebody, and I was not up there at the time, so we were trying to find guests… trying to figure everyone’s schedules to get it going.

And then in October of 2022, we said, “let’s focus on news because people just really don’t understand artificial intelligence. They don’t understand how they can take this news story and how it applies to their business.”

So this is Mike. This is Paul. Mike’s our chief content officer. Paul is our CEO. And we decided last October, “let’s focus on news.”

So what they do is, over the course of the week, we have this sandbox of ideas within a Google doc that we go through and we say, “okay, here’s some articles we read about this. This might really make a good topic.”

And that’s very, very manual. Zero AI involved.

And then we read the articles.

And at the end of the week when we’re building the brief for the podcast, we go through and we say, “okay, these three stories would make a great topic.” These few stories… and some don’t make the cut.

So it’s usually three different distinct topics.

And at the end there’s some rapid fire things I just want to get through because AI is moving a mile a minute and there’s always some new stories!

So they record on Mondays usually, and I get it out on Tuesdays at 7:00am. It’s a pretty quick turnaround, but it has to be because it’s AI.

And last Sunday—the guys were both traveling on Monday—so they recorded it at 10:00pm on Sunday.

And then on Monday morning… Chris would know, I’m going blank… but there were two huge things that happened last Monday. Not this Monday, but the Monday prior.

And I’m like, “we need to rerecord.” But we didn’t. We talked about those this week. Things were going so fast!

So as soon as they’re done recording, I’ve got to get going.

And the first day when I started, I said to Paul, I said, “let’s get the podcast going!”

Because it was so inconsistent and we got to get back on track. Because if you know anything about content, you have to be consistent. So we want the content to go out all the time.

So I said, “who produces the podcast?”

He’s like, “you.”

And I’m like, “awesome. I have never done that before. I dunno how to do that.”

He said, “go find this tool. Use some AI. You’re smart. You’ll figure it out.”

I’m like, “okay…”

Is anyone in the room using Descript? It’s the best. I should get paid so much money by them for how much I talk about them.

So the guys record in Zoom, and if you went to A. Lee Judges’ session, he would say Zoom and Descript is a bad combination because he’s like a professional podcaster.

I am not, so I use these tools.

The guys record in Zoom, and… I get the MP4 (video recording) when they’re done.

I drag it into Descript, and if you can’t read it, it says, “your transcript will be ready in a few minutes.”

And then… I’m able to say there are two speakers, and then I wait, I wait like five minutes. So it transcribes the hour long episode, and then I click on, you don’t see it here, but then it says, “do you want to identify the speakers?” And I say, “yes.”

So it plays Mike’s voice and I type in Mike’s name. It plays Paul’s voice. I type in Paul’s name. And then it goes through the whole entire hour and it breaks up in chunks when they’re talking. 

Helpful for me, because if I’m trying to find snippet content or I’m trying to do something with it, it’s easier for me to find stuff.

We do put the whole transcript into our blog on the show notes page. It’s great for SEO. And it’s great for someone who is unable to hear the podcast that they can read the transcript. And it’s easier for them not to have this big, big chunk of block text where they can go through and they can… see the speakers as well.

So that’s where I start.

This is what I was blown away by.

Because when I’m thinking I’m going to go through and edit videos and edit audio, I’m going down to these sound waves, and I’m sitting here, and I’m trying to drag it and get it exactly right.

But in Descript, all you do…

So in one podcast, Paul said, “I forgot the guy’s name that was doing the interview, Scott something.”

I’m like, “I don’t know if I want that in there.”

So all I have to do is go through, highlight that text and hit delete…

And it cuts the video!

I can edit videos by doing that. So it’s magical.

And even things like Canva [have AI in them].

In this photo, Paul is in our office standing against a blue wall. Mike’s standing against a brick wall, wherever his headshot was taken.

And you can tell they’re not together. I don’t expect that, but this looks a lot better than two very distinct backgrounds together.

Canva’s background remover is AI.

And if you’re a creative person that can do other design things and knows Adobe, Adobe has things like that.

But this is my skill level when it comes to design.

And then Writer. (Yay, Writer! Alaura Weaver [from] is here.)

So after the podcast is done, we do four blog posts.

We do a show notes page where we go through and we do timestamps on different things. 

Then we write a blog post on topic one, topic two, and topic three.

I think you [Alaura] were the one who told me, “try this recap feature. You’re going to love it.”

So I put the YouTube link in here and I was like, “I can’t wait to see what comes out.”

[Writer] gave me four key takeaways from the podcast.

Takeaway one and takeaway two talked about topic one.

Takeaway three and four talked about topic two.

And there was nothing on topic three.

I was like, “okay, that’s good…”

So I took takeaway one and two, and made the first blog post.

Three and four made the second blog post.

And I wrote the third blog post.

I’m like, “there has to be a better way…”

So I then created three different videos where I made topic one its own video. Topic two its own video. Topic three its own video.

And then used Writer again to do the recap.

And then it gave me what I actually wanted.

So I’m learning now how to better use these tools.

Published May 01, 2024

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