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B2B Storytelling: How to Differentiate by Owning an Influential Idea That Moves the Market

Workshop Day - November 12 - 9:00am to 3:30pm

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Session Type: Workshop

Session Topic: Storytelling

In B2B, we’re used to sharing our expertise through our content, but today, we’re drowning in experts. Worse, we’re surrounded by voices who are all hype, no substance, yet they get attention. It’s tempting to resort to their cheap tricks, but this only dilutes your value and hurts your brand.

And there’s a better way—one that’s as good for your soul as it is for your business. This approach helps us differentiate through substance and compete on the impact of our ideas, not the volume of our content. Instead of acting like an expert, act like an explorer. Don’t share generalized expertise—explore and own a premise.

In this practical, hands-on workshop, Jay Acunzo will help you become a master of premise development—the ancient magic used by (checks notes) Hollywood, podcasting, book-writing, and other media, which is only now making its way into B2B. (That’s our advantage.) What is the big idea driving your key projects like a show or newsletter, or your overall brand? How do you become synonymous with that idea publicly? And how do you spark action through that idea, making your marketing stickier—and more efficient to create? It’s all back to the pithy, powerful idea you actively develop, pressed through your unique perspective: your premise.

Don’t market more. Matter more. When you matter more, you can hustle for attention less.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to move from rough but relevant ideas for a project or your overall positioning to land on a pithy, powerful premise
  • How to provide audiences with motivation to subscribe, buy, and share
  • The categories of hooks differentiating your projects
  • How to own an idea in the minds of your buyer—and measure that you’re doing so effectively

What’s included:

  • 5 hours of in-person interaction with instructor Jay Acunzo
  • Prompts, templates, and examples to make you a master of premise development
  • Individual hands-on exercises to do active work, with practice pitching your ideas and getting notes
  • A comprehensive workbook to capture your “starter dough copy,” strategy documentation, and brainstormed ideas—all to hit the ground running back home

You should attend if you:

  • Are actively contributing to your brand’s positioning or a new and/or ongoing content series (newsletter, podcast, video series, books/guides, etc.)
  • Have always sensed your brand is different but haven’t found a way to articulate that succinctly
  • Enjoy actively wrestling with your ideas and watching others do the same
  • Want to make a measurable impact on growing your brand, audience, and influence in the market

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This is a LIVE, in-person workshop and will not be recorded.

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