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Closing Keynote With Mark Bowden — How to Really Communicate: The Hidden Way You Might Be Undermining Your Ability to Build Trust, Gain Credibility, and Be Irresistibly Likeable

October 6 - 3:00pm to 3:45pm

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B2B Marketers often need to present to groups both large and small—in conference rooms and (sometimes) on stages. You’re asked to present campaigns, report on results, speak publicly, and lead meetings in a variety of situations: live, virtual, or (sometimes) hybrid.

The question is: How effective a communicator are you?

Forget about your words for a minute… what’s your body language telling your audience about who you are? Are you taking full advantage of the opportunity to build rapport, trust, and credibility with your audience—whether large or small? What are you unknowingly signalling to them? What is your body language and delivery telling them?

In this keynote presentation by world-renowned body language and digital communications expert Mark Bowden, you will uncover the secrets to winning trust and credibility when you’re speaking to a group of any size. In his trademark entertaining and highly energetic style, Mark enlightens B2B marketers like you with how to use body language to stand out… every time you open your mouth.

Interactive, dynamic and incredibly informative, Mark breaks down the reasons we are drawn to working with people we like, people who we feel are trustworthy and credible, and the essential role body language plays in building a relationship.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Accessible, actionable body language and verbal techniques to help you make better presentations, sell, be persuasive, and be more influential
  • Leadership communication style that allows your expertise to shine through while also inviting engagement and provoking positive actions from others
  • Techniques and approaches for connecting virtually

Mark will leave you with the tools you need to better engage your audience, teeing you up for success in any context. He will leave you smiling, laughing, and maybe hyper-aware of what your hands are doing.

Don’t miss this special closing keynote!

Mark Bowden

Expert in Body Language, Human Behavior, and Communication

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