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B2B Forum Shenanigans

Check out the details from our amazing 2023 shenanigans!

Great conference experiences aren’t just about the sessions. What makes a conference something more—what you remember long after you return home—are the moments.

Moments that forge relationships. Moments with heart and soul. Moments grounded in creativity that remind you at every turn how you aren’t at just another business event. Our goal is to extend inspiration beyond the session room walls. 

Here are a few hints of the fun we had with on-site #mpb2b attendees in 2023.


Breaking the B2B Ice

Are you traveling solo? Or is this your first time to the MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum… and you aren’t sure what to expect?

Then you won’t want to miss this kick-off event! 

Join MarketingProfs’s own George B. Thomas and the MarketingProfs team to discover the ins, the outs, and all the in-betweens of the conference… so you can make the most of your time at #mpb2b. 

Plus! You’ll meet other solo travelers and newbies, so you can get a jump start on creating connections.

Welcome Home Party

Meeting up with our favorite B2B marketers feels like coming home to us. We want you to feel the same. 

Join us on Wednesday evening as we kick off the 18th annual MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum with a Welcome Home party at the Lifted Pool Bar.

This is your chance to get settled in, reunited or meet with your B2B community, and get fortified for the learning and inspiration to come.

Plus, enjoy the beauty of the rooftop pool bar (the only rooftop pool in Seaport), and snap some scenic sundown selfies!

Attendees taking in the rooftop view at B2B Forum Welcome Home Party


Boston Photo Walk with Steve Garfield

Want to explore the waterfront Seaport neighborhood just outside the Omni’s front door? Want to experience Boston on foot? 

You won’t want to miss this #mpb2b favorite, back again for another year! 

Join video pioneer, book author, angel investor, and MarketingProfs friend Steve Garfield on an early morning photo walk through Boston’s beautiful, always-evolving Seaport District.

Dine & Doodle: Wake Up Your Visual Brain

Give your creative muscles a stretch in this easy, fun luncheon program that’ll get you doodling while dining. Going from verbal exchanges to thinking and communicating in pictures can be a game changer! Don’t miss this chance to wake up your visual brain.

Added bonus: our livestream audience can join from home—just grab a pen and paper!

B2B Carnival of Connections

Step right up and step into the dazzling extravaganza that is the B2B Carnival!

Prepare to be enchanted by a kaleidoscope of networking opportunities! 

Navigate the bustling midway of possibilities! 

Immerse yourself in thrilling, never-before-seen connections! 

And win prizes at mesmerizing games!

Join us under the big top for a Carnival of Connections: networking, prizes, food, and fun! It’s a B2B Carnival like no other.


Attendees after a refreshing B2B Forum Boston Photo Walk


Friday Fun Run

Does the thought of running along the harbor on a crisp autumn morning sound like your thing?

Then lace up your running shoes and join marketing friends (and fellow running enthusiasts) for a morning fun run to get you energized for another day of learning. All paces welcome!

B2B Bingo Break

Bingo isn’t just for church basements and hipster bars… it’s here at MarketingProfs, too! 

Join us for a special B2B-inspired version of this classic game. Enjoy your lunch and win prizes, all while our own George B. Thomas leads you on a B2B Bingo Game you won’t soon forget. 

You’ll grab your lunch from the foyer and find a seat before the play begins. (Or B-4 George calls the first square!) 

BYO Goodbye

We miss you already. But don’t say goodbye just yet… join your fellow marketers for a nibble and a drink for a final party in the Crescendo Lobby Bar. 

Reminisce about all you learned, all you loved, and all the ways you’re going to grow your marketing, your career, and your new relationships for a future in the making. Exchange of hugs and LinkedIn info is recommended, but not required.

Attendees scoring a B2B Forum JayBird High Five

Ready to make some memories together? 

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