MarketingProfs B2B Forum 2023

Show Me Why I Should Go to MarketingProfs B2B Forum


Seeing is believing, so if you haven’t experienced B2B Forum, take a look, a listen, or whatever option doesn’t disturb your co-workers or sound weird to anyone else eavesdropping on your home office!

And sure a [moving] picture may be worth a thousand words, but hey, we also like words too, so here are a few important ones to keep in mind if you are thinking about visiting us this October!


What’s the story about B2B Forum?

“Same is lame in B2B! It’s as if we’ve all taken a vow of boredom, and we’re so seduced by best practices or what the category leader is doing. Instead, we’ve gotta give our customers a story to tell.”  – Jay Baer 

B2B Forum has never been about being the same as other b2b marketing conferences. People walk in with marketing problems and products to sell, and they walk out with heartening solutions and stories to tell. B2B Forum is where you fuel up on both the right logic for a good marketing strategy, AND the inspiring emotions that come from connecting with other creative marketers. 

Why should I get mixed up with MarketingProfs?

“MarketingProfs is such an interesting cocktail. It has the right people and the right topics that inspire me.” – Mark Schaefer

If you need a little liquid courage to connect to peers (I’m looking at you fellow introverts, cheers!), or a steady “keep ‘em coming” cadence of insights to imbibe, B2B Forum is a friendly watering hole for all marketing types. You’ll make friends, find peers, maybe even meet a customer or real-life persona you’re targeting (not creepy “targeting” just you know, name-to-a-face focus-y), so that it won’t just be the presenters who teach you a thing or two.

Still hesitant on “Shipping Up to Boston?”

(You’re welcome, the song is stuck in your head now!)

There are no mean people who suck at MarketingProfs B2B Forum!” – Michael Brenner 

Zero risk of mean people – cross that objection off!

“This event, like no other, has an energy around it that I really think attracts the right kind of people with an open mind to to change and willing to change together.” – Katie Martell

If events that preserve the status-quo don’t get past the CFO, you know you’ll get some change-making ROI from this show!

What keeps people coming back to B2B Forum, even in the craziest times?

“What keeps me coming back is you, and him, and that guy over there, it’s like old friends and new!” – Andy Crestodina

So it’s your fault! Well, your accomplishment, maybe – anyway, people like you who want to be with other like-minded and very unlike-minded (we’re all weirdos in one way or another) b2b marketers is what makes the event so special! 

So, if you can, join us in person! And if you can’t… let me know, I’ll write you a doctor’s note prescribing the event (I am NOT a doctor, but I DO have terrible handwriting)! Or, check out our bevy of other options for attending digitally! If you see yourself at B2B Forum, you belong at B2B Forum!


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