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5 Reasons B2B Forum Is the Best B2B Marketing Conference for You

5 Reasons B2B Forum Is the Best B2B Marketing Conference for You

If you’re a B2B marketer looking for the best marketing conference to grow your skills, MarketingProfs B2B Forum is the event for you. From inspirational keynotes that remind you how to find your passion to expert speakers who present the most relevant B2B-focused concepts each year to built-in moments to connect with fellow attendees, there’s something for every marketer at B2B Forum—for solo newbies to entire teams!

Are we biased? Absolutely. 

That’s why this B2B Forum 2023 recap post will not only tell, but also show you the value and community you get when you attend.

A Special Shoutout

And before we get to the full post, we’d be remiss not to share this touching video clip from master marketer Christopher S. Penn on what makes B2B Forum special to him. It’s also a fantastic insight on what makes a good conference or event overall, so the entire thing is worth the watch.

Okay. On to the post.

1. Inspirational B2B Marketing Keynotes

Every year, Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs and author of Everybody Writes, kicks off and closes down the event by introducing and engaging with opening and closing keynote speakers. These are presentations meant to move you—to reignite that passion for what you do, to give you that spark of an idea for something to try back at the office or even in your personal life. And attendees love them. 

At B2B Forum 2023, Ann kicked things off for the opening session by reminding us all about the power of being weird, then handed it off to Andrew Davis to teach us all about digital doppelgangers, plus a fireside chat with Ann, Christopher S. Penn, and Paul Roetzer. Then, body language expert Mark Bowden wowed the crowd one last time with his closing keynote on how to really communicate through not just words, but also your body language.

Here’s what attendees had to say.

LinkedIn post from attendee

Post from attendee Najla

2. Informative, Actionable B2B Marketing Sessions

Speakers at B2B Forum are the best marketers in their industries. With topics spanning from information for daily practitioners up to leadership, there’s value for everyone. And often, entire teams attend so they can both learn together and split up to take in specialized insights—getting the full conference experience.

Post from attendee Nicholas

Post from attendee Jocelyn

3. B2B Marketing Workshops for Hands-On Learning

Some attendees opt to tack a day onto the beginning of the main conference to choose a full-day workshop (usually around five hours) where they get to dig into a specific topic with an instructor and room full of peers. You’ll leave with materials to help you tackle a specific challenge, and some new connections to build your network. (check out 2024 workshops!)

Post from attendee Tariana

Post from attendee Christie

4. Something for Every B2B Marketer

Whether you’re just starting to dip your toes into the world of attending marketing conferences or you’re on your twentieth year, B2B marketers find value in the insights and bonds they get out of B2B forum. 


Post from attendee Liz

Post from attendee Minna

5. Moments that Matter

As incredible as the sessions are at B2B Forum, the thing attendees remember most years on are the moments in between the learning. Sharing that experience with a total stranger that bonds you for the rest of your careers and beyond. Getting to know your coworkers in a new way by finally getting to let loose in real life together, rather than just over a virtual call. Finally getting to meet that industry expert you’ve always admired to tell them how they’ve impacted you. Getting out of the office to reconnect with your creativity.

These are the moments that matter. 

Take a look at this gallery of highlight moments from B2B Forum 2023. Can you feel the magic?

Gallery of photos from B23 Forum 2023

B2B Forum is For You

The MarketingProfs team does not rest at working on the B2B Forum experience for attendees. As soon as we wrap up an event, plans are in place to make the next year even bigger and even more memorable. We obsess over the details because we know how big of a decision it is to spend development dollars and time at an event. Our work is complete when your mind is blown, whether that’s from a speaker’s insight, a shenanigans activity, surprise guests, or those little details some people notice and appreciate more than anything (we see you). 

You obsess over marketing. We obsess over you. And we’re so excited for the next great B2B Forum happening November 12-14, 2024. 

Join us, won’t you?



Want to See More?

We LOVE to hear about attendees’ experiences at B2B Forum. Here’s some more recaps from the event we can’t get enough of.


Post from attendee Beth

Post from attendee Tate

Post from attendee Jillian

Post from attendee Jennifer

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