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List Growth & Personalization

Developing list growth tactics and ensuring subscribers who do convert are scored, nurtured, and engaged in the right way is more challenging than ever. When you add the current and continued impending deluge of email campaigns coming from generative AI, along with the continued requests from the C-Suite and sales for more leads, more emails, […]

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How to Create a Winning and Actionable Marketing Plan Your Management Will Approve

If you already have a marketing plan template, GREAT! (As long as it’s working.) And if you don’t have a template you can use to easily spin up a new annual plan…well, there’s no better time than right now to create one. Creating a solid marketing plan you can use as your North Star to […]

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Elevating B2B Marketing Impact: Strategic Measurement Insights

Are you seeking tangible evidence that your B2B marketing efforts are paying off? You’re not alone. Many marketers find themselves grappling with the essentials of impactful B2B marketing measurement. In this engaging workshop, CEO Katie Robbert and Chief Data Scientist Christopher Penn will lead you through a deep dive into the art of measurement, […]

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B2B Storytelling: How to Differentiate by Owning an Influential Idea That Moves the Market

In B2B, we’re used to sharing our expertise through our content, but today, we’re drowning in experts. Worse, we’re surrounded by voices who are all hype, no substance, yet they get attention. It’s tempting to resort to their cheap tricks, but this only dilutes your value and hurts your brand. And there’s a better way—one […]

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Demand Gen: Score, Plan, Convert

Convert your prospects with buyer psychology! If your funnel isn’t converting like it should… if your content doesn’t leave them begging for more… then your marketing is missing some very specific neuroscience-based hooks. These hooks attract prospects and trigger their buyer behavior. And when you combine them with marketing automation, you can stop doing random […]

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AI for B2B Content and Lead Generation

There are infinite use cases for AI—some trivial, some powerful. Many are famous for boosting speed and efficiency, but for boosting quality? Insights? Not so much. Join Andy Crestodina in this full-day workshop and walkthrough of a comprehensive AI framework for B2B marketing, based on hundreds of hours of research, experimentation, and iteration. Yes, we’ve […]

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Navigating the Labyrinth: Three Steps That Lead Every GTM Strategy and Buyer to Great Content

In today’s digital landscape, the path from a brand to a buyer is no longer a straight line, but a labyrinth. For demand and content marketers navigating this complex journey, creating content that resonates with your target audience is a key challenge. Join Randy Frisch to dissect this challenge into three manageable steps. Attendees will […]

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Preparing For the Next Generation of B2B Marketing-Driven Experiences, Presented by Demand Spring

Today’s marketing-driven experiences are relatively static and one-way. With the evolution and focus on generative AI and growing buyer expectations, dynamic B2B marketing experiences once only talked about are becoming a reality. Join Matt Roberts, CEO of Demand Spring, and learn about the actions B2B marketers need to take today to prepare for and deliver […]

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Movin’ On Ops: Improving Content Processes for a More Efficient Team

Most marketers spend lots of time optimizing their content, but nowhere near enough time optimizing the processes that make that content possible. Streamlined content operations can help improve content quality, increase productivity, boost team morale and collaboration, and ultimately make content a more cost-efficient tool in your brand’s tool belt. This actionable session will provide […]

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[Roll Up Your Sleeves] Creating Content to Bust Biases and Convert

Psychology and neuroscience are shining an illuminating light into why your marketing isn’t as effective as you’d like it to be—brains are pesky machines that cause errors in decision-making and ruin your conversions! Join Automation Ninjas founder Kenda Macdonald in this hands-on session to discover the 4 different areas in which your consumers will be […]

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