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Preparing For the Next Generation of B2B Marketing-Driven Experiences, Presented by Demand Spring

Today’s marketing-driven experiences are relatively static and one-way. With the evolution and focus on generative AI and growing buyer expectations, dynamic B2B marketing experiences once only talked about are becoming a reality. Join Matt Roberts, CEO of Demand Spring, and learn about the actions B2B marketers need to take today to prepare for and deliver […]

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Dine & Doodle: Wake Up Your Visual Brain (No Artistic Talent Required!)

Did you know that your brain devotes 50% of its surface to visual processing? And did you know that when you express an idea by drawing, you engage a different part of your brain? What’s more, you engage others differently, too! There’s tremendous power in the visual. Yet in marketing, we tend to rely more […]

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Fresh Take: Webinars as a Pipeline Accelerator, Presented by Hubilo

According to a 2023 Forrester Survey, 79% of marketers emphasize customer understanding in events and webinars, yet 64% struggle to utilize insights to impact pipeline. An array of new tools promise to help the modern marketer grow new revenue, gain insights, and improve ROI. What if you could turn to trusted solutions—webinars and events—to achieve […]

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Nurturing Brand Loyalty: The Art of Building a B2B Community With Events, Presented by Cvent

It’s time to breathe life into a vibrant community around your events—a move that can seriously ramp up brand loyalty and affinity. Join Stacey Sheppard from Cvent to dive into networking and collaboration best practices tailored specifically to stimulate B2B engagement and foster long-term relationships. You’ll explore the crucial role fostering a sense of community […]

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497 First-Page Rankings in 7 Weeks: How Pillar-Based Marketing Is Changing SEO, Presented by DemandJump

Increasing first-page rankings and organic traffic has always involved guesswork. Experienced marketers know that deciding what content to produce and how to publish it can lead to wasted time, energy, and money. That can stop anyone dead in their tracks. But what would it look like if guesswork was no longer a factor in SEO […]

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How to Automate Sales and Loyalty Incentives in a Competitive Market, Presented by Tango Card

Automate your sales and loyalty incentives to become more competitive. Incentives work. They help initiate conversations, motivate your target audience, and compensate prospects for their time. In turn, they create a positive association with your company and encourage customer engagement throughout the sales cycle. Which incentives make sense for your business model? How do you […]

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Real-World AI Use Cases to Accelerate Content and Drive ROI, Presented by Writer

Organizations are adopting generative AI in a big way. You know it’ll add a ton of value in your business, but where do you start? Join Alaura Weaver for a non-salesy, real-world look at how marketing leaders are adopting generative AI, their top use cases, business case strategies, success metrics, and pitfalls to avoid. In […]

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Stop Telling Stories! Create Brand Conversations That Actually Convert, Presented by The Brand Trifecta

Stories don’t compel people to buy. Conversations do. Skip the complex and ineffective narratives, and develop the three critical messaging components of a brand that wins more work. This session will teach you how to build a simple yet provocative go-to-market message (brand pitch) that creates compelling common ground with your target audiences so they […]

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Closing Keynote With Mark Bowden — How to Really Communicate: The Hidden Way You Might Be Undermining Your Ability to Build Trust, Gain Credibility, and Be Irresistibly Likeable

B2B Marketers often need to present to groups both large and small—in conference rooms and (sometimes) on stages. You’re asked to present campaigns, report on results, speak publicly, and lead meetings in a variety of situations: live, virtual, or (sometimes) hybrid. The question is: How effective a communicator are you? Forget about your words for […]

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The Top 10 Things You Need to Know to Design Kickass Emails and Landing Pages, Presented by Knak

Looking to create a landing page that lands? Or a completely kickass email? Learn the framework for making sure you have the top 10 essential design considerations for a campaign that converts! Join Pierce Ujjainwalla, career marketer and CEO of Knak, who has spent his professional life understanding the keys to success for email marketing […]

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